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Sports Fixture 2019
Download Prospectus 2020
Download Prospectus 2020
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Iqbal Day 2019
inter house declamation contest 2019 6
Inter-house Declamation Contest 2019
Alternet energy seminar 2019 1
Alternate Energy Seminar 2019
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Sports Gala 2019
PAF Museum 2019 1
PAF Museum Visit
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5th Reunion 2019
IT Expo2019 2
SST 5th Regional IT EXPO 2019 Almost every device in life is now microcontroller programed. The requirement of merging science with that of daily life is to design, develop and program machines as much as we can and it is only possible when we start it from junior lev...
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CHAIRMAN SSTPSR GENERAL EHSAN-UL-HAQ (RETD) & BOT MEMBER VISIT 2019 General (Retd) Ahsan Ul Haq, after being elected chairman of SST, made a familiarization visit to Sargodhian Spirit Public School, Rashidabad on 24th September, 2019. He was accompanied by the fol...
6 September Defence Day 2019 6th September (Defense Day) is one of the most important events of Pakistan’s history. On September 6, 1965, Indian army crossed the international borders of Pakistan without a formal declaration of War. It was a time when not just our b...
Kashmir solidarity hour The founder of our beloved nation, Quaid-e-Azam once said “Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan”. Keeping this view in mind, it’s our duty to protect the dignity and sovereignty of Kashmir till our last breath, Holly Prophet peace be u...
Basketball Azadi Cup 2019 19th August is a day that deserves to be written in the book of history with golden words till the Day of Judgment. It was that golden day when a true patriot and an unforgettable hero embraced martyrdom while guarding his motherland against...
First Morning Assembly 2019 The first Morning Assembly of the new session 2019/20 started by invoking Allah to bless our days and guide us towards His Path followed by the golden words of The Prophet (PBUH ). Succeeding, National Anthem and flag hoisting were held in...
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SSTPSR Students Trip to USA A group of Five students and a teacher left for Cleveland Ohio USA for a 14 days trip to participate in a workshop "Learning Stream International" at Case Western University. First day activity...Making crest on sustainability of food waste...
Academic Session 2019-2020 SSTPSR , by the grace of Almighty Allah, with the vision “Excel to Lead” has successfully entered in its 15th years of imparting quality education. This year, too, the School conducted its admission test for both Foundation year and Pre...