The Learning Management System is the most terrific and the latest addition in the already-rich academic facilities. The extensive cyber facility could be only best employed through such a system. The Learning Management System implies anytime anywhere access. This caters to the needs of virtual class room environment as well as reinforcement of the taught topics.

In addition, the LMS brings the inexhaustible repertoire of information on-a-click access to the students. This facility is, but must to-have for a modern boarding school like SSTPSR.

Moreover, by the very default of it, the LMS transcends the boundaries of classrooms, broadens the mental horizon of the teachers and the taught. At the sam time, to put it technically, it fixes the knot of individual differences in learning, for the LMS inherently is based on covenant of mixed-ability teaching learning. In the modern competitive and microscopically specialized arena authenticity of the resource material is intrinsically critical to the success of the students. Our LMS only contains materials ratified by our Cambridge Trained competent members of faculty.

The LMS induces progressive thought among students as well as teachers for it has the provision of topical lectures on the same subjects by many different teachers; some of whom acclaim an internationally acknowledged solid repute as academicians. The LMS affords us a pardonable pride for we are the pioneers in launching it at school-level.