SST Public School, Rashidabad is set to the academic training and grooming of boys aged 12-18. The School successfully capitalizes on inherent potentials of the pupils during these formative years for ‘Know Thyself is the Real Education,’ says Socrates.

SST Public School is an embodiment of Sargodhian’s love for and faith in the merit of their alma mater PAF Public School, Sargodha. In current time, changes; are ‘ahead of schedule’ and are coming in rapidly. The School is adequately cognizant of the fact and through a holistic system of academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities students churned out are possessed of a dynamic personality, academic excellence, disciplined mind, mental tenacity, manful resilience, ingenuity and most importantly with an egalitarian outlook.

The School imparts value-based education essentially focused on character formation. Students are put to diverse cognitive challenges employing a heuristic approach leading to acquisition of critical thinking. They are religiously trained to observe, analyse, synthesize, evaluate and apply concepts. The School avidly stresses upon the need of producing thinking minds with abiding interest in life around them. We keenly monitor that our boys are sensitive to the larger spiritual order of this world of which Man is a part. Our boys rub shoulders with the top icons of different fields that grace us as the Guest Speakers.

Our School teaches nothing but to take excellence as one’s master and jealously instills the competitiveness in its pupils for ours is a leadership School and the motto runs:

‘Excel to Lead’

Another unique feature of the School is that it is intently focused on breeding national harmony and a wholesome progress of the country. In this regard, boys from far flung areas are selected with a conscious effort and we ensure that no talent goes to waste just for the want of finances. In a nutshell, ‘Quality is not our goal, it is our standard.’

Hats off to SOBA!

Long Live Pakistan!

Air Cdre (Retd)
Nayyar Qayum Khawja