SST has one point agenda cost – effective quality education on the lines of PAF Public School, Sargodha. SST ensures that no boy remains deprived of education only for the want of finances. SST, in a loose sense, does talent hunt; however, this talent hunt seems to be somewhat misnomer in the sense that SST aims at bringing the people residing in the far flung areas of the country into the mainstream of national life and only academic potential is one of the factors and surely not the most decisive factor in the award of a scholarship. The School welcomes 25% scholarship students in every batch. Besides these 25% fully-funded scholarship, the trust awards partial scholarships like 50%, 25%, etc. The Trust intends and fondly wishes to have all 100% students on scholarship and it can be hoped the Nature shall grant this much some day for the righteous shall flourish like the Palm tree.
     SST employs a rigid policy in accepting donations i.e. donations are accepted only in the form of scholarship/sponsorship.