Computer Labs

The School enjoys extensive computer facilities, housed in a dedicated suite. This comprises of three IT Laboratories and a Hub / Server-Room / Maintenance Workshop. To ensure that the facilities provide the students with the ideal prospects and environs for employing the digital resources, the Layout and furnishing of the rooms is carried out to a carefully considered design put together by the IT teaching staff, Network Supervisor and the Administration of the school. Each IT lab is air-conditioned. The purpose of the IT Suite is not merely to teach the students computing skills, but also to support the teaching of all other subjects. The labs are networked to the rest of the school, and linked to the internet through broadband wireless connection. Ample computer facilities are also available in the library, the ESL Language Lab, the Lecture Theater, classrooms, and of course at the teachers' offices and residences.

Every teacher is provided with a laptop and office to facilitate his teaching in the best possible manner. The IT Laboratories are also the venue for the teachers' in-service training and professional development programmes. Courses in Computer Science and Information Technology are taught in the Pre Cambridge (Year 9) and for the Cambridge IGCSE and A levels. A flourishing computer Club enables boys to enjoy the creative pleasures of Information Technology