National Songs & Cultural Talent Competition

In order to bring awareness and promote culture, SST invited Deaf Reach School, IDA RIUE School, Fatima Literacy School Project, YK Academy Primary and Secondary Wing, TCF Primary and Secondary Wing, and Hunar Foundation to share their ideas in their own capacity.

On 14th December, 2016, the schools in the vicinity of Rashidabad stunned the audience with their mind-boggling stage performances. The incredible wordless skit of Deaf Reach School gave their expressions tongues to speak volumes about their stage performance. Similarly, other participating teams came up with different ideas that provided amusement as well as created a healthy competition. Mr. Kashif Khan, Mr. Hassan Ahmed and Mr. Habibullah adjudicated their performances in national and folk songs and culture categories. Overall, YK Academy was dominant and won the competition.

In his address, the chief guest Principal SST said that we should together keep the “national spark” ablaze. He appreciated the teams of different schools of Rashidabad for their active participation. He further expressed his satisfaction at the well-performed stage activities. The honourable Principal told the audience that it would be a regular Annual Calendar Activity of SST from next year onward to be held on either 23rd March or 14th August.