A Familiarization Visit of Vice Admiral Khan Hasham bin Saddique


Tuesday, 14th March, 2017: Pride and glory landed on SST soil when Vice Admiral Khan Hasam bin Saddique; Vice chief of Naval Staff, Wasim Akram; Chairman SST, Tasneem Noorani; Air Cdre Irshad Ehsan, CEO SST and some other eminent Sargodhians paid visit to this great seat of learning.

The two hours scintillating stage programme compelled audience to speak volumes about the untiring efforts of teaching faculty, admin staff, and supporting staff. Moreover, SST is undoubtedly the true reflection of selfless contribution of Sargodhians’ Old Boys Association (SOBA), and they have every right to be proud and satisfied with what they have done thus far.

After a brief visit of school premises, the chief Guest was led to the auditorium where Mr. Deedar and his musical band welcomed them warmly at the entrance. In the auditorium, an attention-grabbing stage items were in store for guests. After recitation of a few verses of the holy Quran, confident Affan Moiz formerly invited young SSTians for Karate Show and Folk Dances. Two video clips showing development phases of SST over a decade further filled the hearts of the distinguished guests with overflowing admiration for the this progressing institution.

In his address, Chairman SST Tasneem Noorani thanked the chief guests and other dignitaries; recalled the dream; appreciated the efforts of SOBA and expressed his resolve to continue offering services for better Pakistan. He also spoke about future projects of SOBA: Neelab Project, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Chairman and Principal Nayyar Qayum Khawja presented School Crest to Vice Admiral Wasim Akram, and Shield and Souvenir to Vice Chief of Naval Staff Mr. Khan Hasham bin Saddique as a token of appreciation.

Chief Guest Vice Admiral Khan Hasham bin Saddique, in his address, showed his pleasure, and profoundly praised the materialized endeavours of PAF Sargodha alumni for providing quality education.

In the end, once more he praised Chairman SST Mr Tasneem Noorani, CEO Irshad Ahsan, Principal SST and other PAF course mates who accompanied him during his visit. He departed with the pledge to contribute whatever is possible in his capacity.

The program ended with National Anthem and Nara-e-Pakistan. The guests then toured RMWO, and after enjoying a sumptuous lunch, the distinguished guest finally bade good-bye.