Student's Creative Art

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. John Keats

Seeking education is not mere accumulating degrees or cramming words and formulas. It’s actually overall development of a learner to be well-equipped to face the challenging world with mental, physical, and creative skills. Keeping in view this objective, introduction of Art Classes way back in 2016 for Foundation Year was one such move towards co-curricular activities to enhance students’ creativity. Our newly arrived budding kids use art classes not only to exhibit their hidden potential but also find solace to minimize their early homesickness. The delicate fingers and tender minds produced masterpieces in a short span of one year under the adept supervision of Sir Fakhar Arshad Sohrab. Their incredible drawings, sketches, and landscapes stunned their audience. Images shown below are the testimony of our tall-claims. We hope this ‘thing of beauty’ will surely remain ‘a joy forever’ for them in years to come.