SSTians Set a Charity Programme for the Low-paid Staff of SST

“Charity begins at home” is the notion that the management of SST has recently planned to work on, and with a strong belief that it would kindle, in many humane hearts, an urge to help the destitute around. Laden with the same spirit and to keep the tradition of SST alive, a batch of young and thrilled SSTians, under the guideline of their teacher and mentor for school social services, set a plan to help the low-paid employees of their school. 

Once more, SSTians have nicely evinced that they are being taught in SST to achieve a purpose which is nobler and above their formal academics. On Tuesday, 27th March, they spent time with the low-paid staff of their school; further, with the collaboration of ‘Akhuwat Foundation Lahore’, they distributed cloths in them. SST employees were very happy on receiving gifts of clothes from their school students, and regarded them highly for this act of kindness and love for the needy humanity around.