All Sindh Qomi Mushaira

Poetry flavored with patriotism is a unique medium to showcase our deep love and respect towards our mother land, and it also expresses our devotion and vigorous support towards our nation. This is why poets who compose poetry in the honour of their country and nation are always praised highly. 

To encourage ruminant youth for the expression of their love for Pakistan through poetry, SST organized ‘All Sindh Qomi Mushaira’ on Pakistan Day: March 23, 2018. . Formal invitations were sent to all famous schools/colleges of Sindh to participate in the event, however a large number of schools and colleges could not attend it because in most of the institutions, the day was declared as a public holiday, while some of them were busy celebrating it in their own institutions. In the competitions of Nazm, Ghazal and National Songs Cadet College Larkana secured first position; Hayat Girls College, Hyderabad stood second and SST Public School bagged third position.
After the distribution of prizes among the winning schools, vice principal SST addressed the audience. He thanked the guest schools for sparing time from their busy routine as well as for the purposeful and active participation of their students in the event.