SSTians Patronize Art Exhibition Organized by Rotary Club Hyderabad

The management of SSTPSR has never been shy of availing opportunities of learning and grooming for the gifted and under-privileged SSTians alike. Recently on April 29, a rich literary opportunity was grabbed by the smart SSTians at Hyderabad Rotary Club

A group of 12-students, had an inspirational visit to Hyderabad Rotary Club to witness an art exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was Total Literacy and Quality Education, and it was a combined effort of Rotary Club of Pakistan and Fine Arts Department of Sindh University, who had utilized their thoughts and skills to the optimal capacity to convey certain messages through art.

Different media and artistic techniques were employed by the young artists which were well-explained to the young SSTians who expressed their extreme interest to learn and utilize them in their art-work. Sensing a deep-rooted interest for art-work, the young artists of Sindh University gave the SSTians detailed briefing on Art techniques. In addition to this, the eager SSTians were offered an opportunity to visit the Fine Arts Department of Sindh University to have a workshop for their further learning.