6 September Defence Day 2019

6th September (Defense Day) is one of the most important events of Pakistan’s history. On September 6, 1965, Indian army crossed the international borders of Pakistan without a formal declaration of War. It was a time when not just our brave soldiers but the whole nation was cast into the mold of a cohesive unit to defend our home land and defeated the Indian Army and made them retrieve on all fronts.

Defense Day is celebrated on September 6 as a reminder of the sacrifices our brave soldiers made for our country in 1965. In connection to this day, Sargodhian Spirit Trust Public School Rashidabad, arranged a colorful ceremony to mark this special Day of Pakistan. This evocative commemoration was participated by a number of schools in and outside the Rashidabad Community. Exuberant and beaming faces in a wide variety of national attire and Forces’ uniform could be seen everywhere.

The ceremony started with the March-past by the SSTians in the school assembly area where the guest schools and their staff were gathered to witness the parade which marked the unity and discipline of our students.

After the March-past the remaining program was held in the school Auditorium and commenced with the recitation by the students of SSTPSR. Beautiful presentations by the young, brimming students, lovely national songs by the School Choir and SST students’ .Students of Y.K Academy, TCF School, Farzana Literacy and Hunar Foundation presented their songs and tableaus on the topic “Defense Day of Pakistan”. The spirited and zestful boys from the Deaf Reach School, Y.K Academy and some other schools manifested National songs which were highly applauded by the audience. Youngsters of the Rashidabad Community and the Deaf Reach School exhibited commendable performances on various National Songs and presented astounding tableaus which thrilled and moved the audience.

In his message on this auspicious occasion, the Principal SST, Air Cadre (Retd) Nayyer Qayyum Khwaja said that on 6th September, 1965, in a remarkable show of unity , both the people and the armed forces of Pakistan stood firm and inflicted a crushing defeat on the enemy, many times larger in size than theirs. He further added that the unprecedented challenges faced by the country call for reviving the same spirit of Nationhood. He, therefore, requested the audience especially the young students to learn great lessons from the glorious history of their country, and to stand in unison to safeguard it from both internal and external insurgency. The event was concluded by singing the National Anthem with great fervor followed by an uproarious pronouncement of ‘Naara e Pakistan’.