SST 5th Regional IT EXPO 2019

Almost every device in life is now microcontroller programed. The requirement of merging science with that of daily life is to design, develop and program machines as much as we can and it is only possible when we start it from junior level. SST Public School Rashidabad takes initiative in this regard. The event of SST 5th Regional IT Expo, 2019 was the part of it.

The Event was held on 5th OCT 2019. It was a one day event at SST Public School Rashidabad.

Various demonstrations and competitions were organized like programing competition, Digital Painting Competition, Gaming and IT Quiz Competition, but the major show was the Computer Science Robotic Projects and Software Display Competitions.

Microsoft showcase school workshops were conducted for the teachers and students with the coordination of Dr. Adnan and International Islamic School Hyderabad. SST Public School announced cash prizes of 10000 and 7000 for the winners and runners-up in both senior and junior categories. More than 25 schools, colleges and universities participated and more than 50 projects were demonstrated in the event.

The event was a delightful example of coordination among the teachers and students of universities, schools and colleges of the region in the fields of robotic software development and programing logics.

Sindh University Hyderabad, Mehran University Hyderabad, Sindh Agricultural University TandoJam, HIAST Hyderabad were the main competitors in senior category. The projects of Sindh Agricultural University Tando Jam were ranked 1st  with a cash prize of Rs.10000 and students of Sindh University Hyderabad secured 2nd position with a cash prize of Rs. 7000 in senior category. 

Schools students also showed their keen interest in robotics and made amazing projects. In junior category, students of KK School were awarded 1st cash prize of Rs.7000. Students of Eagle House School Tando Allahyar secured 2nd position with a cash prize of Rs. 5000.

  Print media and electronic media both covered the event.

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