5th Reunion 2019

SSTPSR has been organizing the First Reunion since 2015after completing its ten-year journey with the aim of making it a part of the school's academic calendar. The fifth annual Reunion was held on October 12 and 13, 2019, In order to maintain the tradition. this time it was proposed that the Alumni from Entry 1-12 should pay an overnight visit to their Alma Mater.

All the students and teachers who were registered arrived in Rashidabad. Under the guidance of Mr. Zulfiqar's security team, they were directed to the school campus.   Following the settlement of the Alumni, Principal SSTPSR Air Cdre (Retd) Nayyer Qayyum Khawja and Vice-Principal Mr. Muhammad Zubair entered the auditorium and the program formally began. After the formal welcome ceremony, Alumni were given an hour to settle and finalize the post of President and Secretary for SST Alumni body.

The Brunch was held on October 13, Sunday. As the weather was dry, so many boys left the campus just after the Brunch,but some stayed for the official group shot.

Hammad, Umer, and Haider Ali, from the Entry 4 introduced their drone cameras to capture SSTPSR and its surroundings. Boys were delighted to hear from the Principal that every fifth year, the Reunion will be combined with overnight stay if the things go as planned accordingly.Some Alumni met Principal individually, had a photograph session and left SSTPSR with smiling faces thinking that:

 "Reunion literally means' Reviving the Old Days of Life'" Vrishiali.

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